Some of our best childhood memories are of the times, which we have spent running in the fields and meadows, that we cultivate nowadays. They were our meeting grounds with our friends and the place where we invented numerous entertaining activities. Those were moments filled with carefree fun and everyday adventures. Our initial idea was to restore to life our native lands that had been left deserted for many years. Afterwards, we began to increase the area of the cultivated land every year. Led by the curiosity, developed during our childhood, we continue to this day to expand our knowledge.

Our desire to learn and improve drives us towards further development of our ideas, gives us the courage to seek innovative solutions and inspires us to implement new ambitious plans. Over the years, we have gained the experience and skills, necessary to realize that the lands we cultivate are perfect for growing lavender. We discovered that right here – on our lands – could the romance-filled air and beauty of the lavender fields be revealed and experienced to the fullest.

The pristine nature around us inspires us with such positive feelings of pure love, gratitude and admiration that we have decided later to plant as well Helichrysum italicum – the everlasting herb as a crop in our fields.

We are located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria, at the border with Turkey and we invite you to come and embark on a wonderful experience, away from the noisy city life. Enjoy the tranquility, the beauty and the divine fragrance that emanates from these plants, famous for their many healing properties.

We believe that the path to good health and a peace of mind is possible only when we are in harmony with ourselves and nature. That's why our crops are grown at the optimal soil and climate conditions and in an ecologically clean environment.

Our essential oil is produced by employing manual labour and investing a lot of thought and love in the process and possesses the qualities of a true natural product.

"Diana essential oil" is a family-owned company, which has specialized in the growing of lavender in the last 7 years.

The operation of our farm and this agricultural business venture dates back to 2008, and in 2010 we started our first attempts in the cultivation of plants that produce essential oils. In the beginning, we did experimental plantings of lavender in different regions of the country and after performing qualitative analysis of the oils and taking into consideration the excellent potential of the local soil and climate conditions, which are most suitable for growing the plant, we decided on several land plots, located near the Dervent Heights. This region is situated in the southeastern part of the country, in close proximity to the Bulgarian-Turkish border between the Strandzha and Sakar Mountains. The terrain here is semi-mountainous. More specifically, our lavender plantations are located in the villages of Malko Kirilovo, Golyam Dervent and Valcha Polyana, all of which are part of municipality Elhovo, Yambol region. The altitude reaches up to 520 meters and the region is in a transitional Mediterranean climate zone where it is warm during most of the year.

 One of the defining characteristics of this region is that the population’s main livelihood is free-range livestock farming. The landscape is dominated by pine and deciduous forests as well as natural meadows. The wildlife has been left undisturbed and wild animals such as deer, does and wild boar can often be observed.

 The Dervent Heights are part of the protected areas in the network of Natura 2000. This region serves as habitat for about 120 species of birds, from which 25 are included in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria. The Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca), which is threatened with extinction, also nests in this area.

 These lands have been left deserted anduncultivated for years. The soil here is clean and unpolluted by fertilizers and pesticides. That's why we believe that the suitable terrain, climate and wildlife contribute greatly towards the beautiful and unique appearance and aroma of these plants.

 We take excellent care of the plantations and the produced essential oil has characteristics of the highest quality. Nowadays, consumers pay increasingly more attention to the products they use, how they have been grown and how safe for use they are. Therefore, we pride ourselves on the unique location and features of this place and its mountains, rivers and lands. The population of the villages is between 10-20 people and there are no industrial buildings or factories around them. This allows our plants to benefit to the fullest from the favorable climate and soil characteristics.

It is our mission to grow this medicinal plant, which is highly valued for its various uses and to share it with our clients all over the world. Its incredible properties find application in the cosmetics industry, in medicine, perfumery, aromatherapy and other sectors. The historical use and recognition of lavender as a therapeutic herb dates back more than 2500 years.

It is our goal to further apply our professional experience, which we have accumulated over the years and to contribute towards a healthier and more beneficial lifestyle for our clients, who take advantage of the plant and its products. Once we have been enchanted by the exquisite scent and beautiful blossoms of lavender, we plan to continue the development of our farm and business and are in the process of building our own distillery for lavender oil.